the .clos sites are real, its like a huge black market for government databases discovered by phantom caravan. it was created in 2011, and can be accessed through ssh. there were two servers one in rome and miami. this is all i know about clos.
not much is known about this net, other than it was discovered by phantom caravan they are FTP servers. the servers were located in rome and argentina.
ajr network
the .ajr sites were discovered by phantom caravan v2 there is little to no information known about this network.
project network
the project network this is a troll network created by the phantom caravan, just a joke.
51 network
same as the project network just a big joke
apparently the dark fantasy network is real, but it was leached off of by V3RDAD to steal money and distract people, DarkFantasy is one guy you don't want to mess with just like the phantom caravan
neptune network
the neptune network started as a small p2p network that would soon associate itself with dafy. it was created in 2009
taurus network is not well known about other than its like the gates to the other systems the VPS is hosted in toronto
elen network
the elen network was created in honor of his ex girlfriend elen. there are a lot of poems and things written here the toxic site is just a site where he apoligizes to elen for everything toxic he did
the life network is very VERY mysterious, apparently hackers forced him to post the network online apparently the life network is the gateway to primarch_sys
end network
the end network was created by the US government and is a honeypot.
desa network
the desa network is like lokynet, just some FTP servers
quit network
the quit network is fake
the trico is another "gateway" to the many other networks
the deny network is nothing special really, it has the real CAIMEO which is just some chat service not an AI
rdos and lll
these networks were both created by a couple turkish hackers, I don't know much else (AS BAYRAKLARI AS

murd network/liberty doom
liberty doom was an invite only forum it was hosted on an outdated long gone tor VPS
the red sky network
is owned to an old member, steve zhang he owns everything on this networ they are part of a group called black death group. very involved with gore
free network
the free network is a VPS owned by the free/knowledge group. its an invite only server, its like a big storage center for everything they have
this network is a military network it uses a strange network protocol
another military network with the same characteristics as se7er
the zion network is like a gateway to the primarch system
dafynet was created in 2008 by his darkfantasy and his girlfriend almost nothing is known about these two other then they are both from slovakia and are ex military hackers.
phantom caravan
this phantom caravan group, like darkfantasy, should not be fucked with, they are very VERY professional, supposedly switching servers every 15 minutes or so to stay as secure as possible one of the members maxwell claims to have created the marianas web, others like assassin apparently are like computer gods, crafting 0days, and making tools. they never talk m
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